Why I Play – Hannah Falls

I dance to worship my creator.

Dance is one of my greatest passions and I’ve always loved it. Even when I was young, before I was put in to dance classes, I would make up dances in my living room and make my family come watch them; ecstatic to show others what I came up with. After many times of this, I was finally put into dance class when I was 6 years old. Ever since then, I’ve fallen more in love with it every day and I haven’t stopped since. I dance on an average of 29 hours a week. That’s 116 hours a month which is 1,392 hours a year and when you add in extra rehearsals, productions and competitions, that’s approximately 2,392 hours; as much as one human sleeps in a year. 2,392 hours of being completely and absolutely free. 2,392 hours spent creating, being and living my best life.

Dance is so unique because it has the ability to captivate others and make your audience feel something. I love dance because of how competitive it can be, yet also so inviting and friendly. Dance is so universal and has the ability to bring people together. I’ve met so many amazing people through dance and nothing is better than dancing with people you’re closest with and creating art with them.

Dance is the second best thing that begins to speak a little into what heaven will be like. Through the years and trials, dancing as a form of worship has helped strengthen my faith and lead me closer to Christ.

Dance isn’t just something you need incredible athleticism for, it’s an art form as well. Dance allows me to move freely and there are no limitations to it. I love the feeling I get when I take the floor. There’s no easy way to describe how I feel when I step onto the stage. Feelings of absolute excitement, adrenaline and also some nerves wash over me, but these are some the best moments I’ve had and shared with others.

I was made and put here on this earth to love others and to show others the love of my creator through the art and ability he designed in me. I feel the purest of joy when I’m dancing and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’ve been so blessed to have incredible mentors and coaches here at valor and I’m thankful for all the opportunities valor has given me over the past 4 years and I couldn’t be more proud to dance at and for this school.

I dance because it frees me and liberates me, while also allowing me to give to others through movement and creativity. I’m so grateful for the passion of dance that the Lord has instilled in me.