Who is the LORD, that I should obey him and let Israel go- Brent Glossiner – Year 2 (2016-17) Volume #17

This week our Chaplain’s Corner is written by Brent Glossinger. He is our Hockey Chaplain and serves as the Discipleship Program Coordinator. Thank you Brent for your words this week!
I have read the story several times now but as the Lord would have it, a new line popped out and has haunted me for some time now.

It had been 400 years and it was time for God to deliver his people from the Egyptian bondage. God calls Moses and Aaron to lead his people to their new promise land so they stand before Pharaoh and state that it’s time to let God’s people go.

Now here is the line: “Pharaoh said, ‘Who is the LORD, that I should obey him and let Israel go'” (Exodus 5:2)? In a land during a time of the great ruler and many gods, what I believe Pharaoh is saying and picture is him doing is chuckling with pride and wonderment, “Who is this god who makes such demands? Why should I listen to him?! I’m Pharaoh!”

Although we don’t have the same types of “gods” as they did back then, there are “gods” that make me ask the same question. When financial stress hits, when the car breaks down, when the home needs a repair, when my kids are struggling, when my wife and I are fighting, when I just don’t feel like I am making a difference, the question arises: “Who is the LORD, that I should obey?” Do I trust that God is who he says he is? Do I believe Matt. 6 about not being anxious, that God will take care of me/us and that I am of value? It sounds easy, but in the midst of these struggles, I too often look elsewhere for answers. What does life (gods) have to offer that can alleviate all that comes with these difficulties?

I wonder if our players struggle with this too. “Who is the LORD, that [they] should obey him?” With all that life affords them, do they really see a need for him? Will they choose to follow him or will they look to the next commodity?

Perhaps, in the midst of our seasons, part of our coaching can be to walk with them to keep pointing them to the truth: Jesus is “the way and the truth and the life” and that apart from him there is no other God (John 14:6; Isaiah 45:5). So when the question comes, they will be more likely to say he is the LORD and worthy of obeying.