Where are you in all of this? – Kim Howell – Year 2 (2016-17) Volume #25

This week’s chaplains corner is writtten by Kim Howell, Valor’s Organizational Development Coordinator and the Chaplain Coordinator. Kim serves our staff so well and we are so greatful for her words this week!
1 JOHN 4:4 – because greater is He who is in you than he who is in the world.

A while back on a Focus on the Family broadcast, Michele Cushatt, a Christian motivational speaker was the guest. As she told her story, she shared that as her career was gaining momentum, she was diagnosed with tongue cancer. She talked about her “why God” moments – where are You in all of this? As she reconciled this with God, she described on the broadcast a phrase that has really stuck with me. “Bringing our perfection to the world does nothing for anyone. But bringing our imperfection, that is redeemed by a loving God, gives the world hope.” This resonated with me because I identified with wanting to bring perfection to the world. I want to keep my imperfection hidden and believed, just those closest to me should have the “privilege” of seeing my imperfection. But Michele’s encouragement is so right. It is in our vulnerability and openness that we become more approachable to others and can share the love and hope of the Gospel. Although, there’s nothing wrong with doing our best, and excellence certainly has its place… But in all our trying we can miss a beautiful truth: the strength of weakness. 2 Corinthians 12:10 reminds us, when we are weak, we are strong. Michele went on to say, “Ministry of the purest kind isn’t about impressing others with a flawless life. It’s not about polished presentations, perfect families and always being put together. It’s about daring to expose our hidden imperfections and giving others permission to do the same. Becoming a fellow struggler, faith wrestler and hand-holder who delivers zero judgment but instead offers presence, grace and love.”

My prayer is, Lord, help me to glorify You in my weaknesses making it known it is not me, but your power living in me. When I am disappointed in an outcome, help me to glorify You by contentment. Help me Lord to think of You and be thankful for You. You have put me in this world for something. Lord, show me what that is.