Valor Signature Programs

Valor students have multiple interests and passions, and their pursuits can be long-term or temporary. As a school, we try to enrich the lives of our students and help them continue to pursue and discover the plans God has for them. Through Signature Programs we seek to enhance the learning experience and develop deeper relationships within our community. Listed below are some of our Signature Programs.


The Valor Conservatory offers intensive study in the disciplines of art for those students who desire to pursue collegiate art degrees and careers in art. There are three primary areas of study: Music, Theatre and Dance. Within each area, Valor offers multiple classes with a variety of concentrations. A sample of classes offered include: Cecchetti Ballet Technique and Performance; Song Writing; Worship Arts; Stage Acting and Technical Theatre and Theatrical Design. The Conservatory program desires to prepare and give students an advantage in their college education, their career choices and in life.


The Valor Library and Research Center is a core part of Valor’s College Preparatory curriculum and a primary driver of student learning and outcomes. Project-based learning initiatives, a multi-database search engine with over 200,000 online holdings, personalized tutoring in writing composition and grammar, and full-time staff are just some of the library’s rich and varied resources. For students, the library is a favorite place to study for upcoming exams, research pertinent topics for classroom projects and personal curiosity, and read for deeper understanding of course material — or just for fun.

Practicum Week

Practicum Week has become a much anticipated, annual week of fun and in-depth study at Valor. Faculty and Staff members lead students in meaningful experiences both for academic advancement and in the pursuit of hobbies and passions. Practicum Courses range from AP intensive study sessions for spring finals, to backpacking through the vast Utah wilderness. Offerings can range from sessions for students interested in costume design, Latin Dance, golf, rock climbing, interior design, inner city ministries, SCUBA certification, professions in healthcare, and an introduction to the study of law.

Practicum Week is a time for faculty and staff to share their interests with students and make connections beyond the traditional classroom experience.


Great friendships are built at the table. At Valor, sharing meals together is an important part of the life of our community. Our campus dining program, provided by FLIK Independent School Dining, is included in tuition and gives students the highest quality dining options at three locations – the Commons, the Bistro and the Cafe. Students also have a morning option to purchase breakfast items at the Bistro. Daily menus are thoughtfully designed to encourage students to enjoy nutritious and diverse foods, and to develop lifelong habits of healthy eating.

Chaplains and Chapel Service

Since inception, Valor has been blessed to have a full-time Chaplain employed on campus. The Chaplain has been available to support students, faculty and staff for mentorship, guidance, prayer, and comfort in crisis situations. As Valor continues to grow, our Chaplaincy has also grown. We now have three full-time Chaplains whose responsibilities include: overseeing the weekly student focused Chapels; managing the assignment and encouragement of Athletic Team Chaplains; planning and implementing after hours student events; overseeing parent Bible Studies; and ministering to the Valor community at large.

Athletic Team Retreats

Over 75% of Valor students participate in athletics. Our students may choose from 24 different sports throughout the school year, with many sports fielding Freshmen, JV and Varsity level teams. One common denominator among teams is the Team Retreat. Early in the season, each team spends an extended period of time together, usually over a weekend, to help enhance and deepen relationships. Another aspect of the retreat is to focus on the spiritual well-being of our student-athletes. Coaches and Team Chaplains lead devotions, prayers and conversations to share their faith in God and His son, Jesus, with their teams. Team Retreats are special events for the student-athletes and help set the tone for the sport season.

Life Groups

Life groups are another extension of Valor’s deep desire to mentor, disciple and prepare the leaders of tomorrow who will change the world for Christ. Eight to ten students meet in single gender groups with a mentor on a regular weekly basis to support, encourage, pray and bond together. These groups are formed during the freshman year and stay mostly consistent throughout the student’s high school experience. Each Life Group takes on a unique personality and gives students another outlet to grow in their faith and learn life lessons from Christian leaders.

International Students

Valor welcomes and accepts applications from international students entering freshman, sophomore or junior year. We feel by opening our doors to students from around the globe who are seeking a Christian education, we enrich their lives and the lives of our local students with a cross-cultural experience. To properly host international students, we carefully select families willing to open their homes to these students and expect these relationships to be positive and long lasting.