Kurt Unruh Head of School Valor Christian High School

A Decidedly Christian School

A Message from Kurt Unruh, Head of School

When students and parents are considering Valor Christian High School, they often wonder about the place of Christian faith in the life of our school community. What does it mean to be a Christian school?

As I address this question, please allow me to welcome you to Valor regardless of your faith background. I invite you to consider the school’s Christian mission:

In partnership with committed parents, our mission is to provide a purpose-driven college preparatory program, within a vibrant Christ-centered environment that empowers students to discover their passions and to develop their unique gifts and abilities while growing in wisdom, knowledge, leadership, faith and service.

More than merely a statement, we hope this mission becomes the primary point of attraction for prospective families — and perhaps yours will be among them.

Our Community

Your experience of our mission happens first and foremost through the team of people who embody it every day — our faculty, coaches, staff and leaders. They are essential to Valor’s identity and commitment as a decidedly Christian school. Every one of them could tell you about their personal journey of faith in Jesus Christ. They seek to live a compelling life of faith that is attractive to students. As the Scripture says:

We cared so much for you that we were pleased to share with you not only the gospel of God but also our own lives, because you had become dear to us. —1 Thessalonians 2:8

We know our mission inspires a diverse array of families to apply to Valor because they are faithful Christians. Altogether, more than 100 different congregations are represented in our school community. These families seek the spiritual formation described in our expected student outcomes.

Other families come from different places on the spectrum of faith. That’s okay at Valor. Your spiritual questions are welcome here.

Sometimes parents and students are not on the same page regarding faith. That’s okay too. We recognize that high school students are often still figuring out what they believe and how they will live out their convictions. Maybe this is also true of you.

What Valor asks of every student — regardless of their family and faith background — is the willingness to give the claims of Christ a fair hearing and to refrain from anything that would discourage other students from doing the same.

Our Credentials

While Valor is a decidedly Christian school, there may be several other reasons for your interest in applying. Families have confirmed that they desire the comprehensive nature of Valor programs. Academic rigor ranks high on the list. Athletics teams, Arts+Media opportunities and Discovery service experiences are also significant draws for prospective families.

In every program, our faculty and staff strive to bring out the best in every student. All of us are immensely proud of student achievements that earned Valor recognition as a National Blue Ribbon School. Valor also meets exemplary standards with two accrediting agencies.

Even these credentials reflect our Christian mission. Because, at Valor, we believe God has endowed each of us with the capacity to honor him and serve others by developing and living out the full expression of our unique gifts and abilities. This is the spirit of our motto, Influence Through Excellence.

Our mission, fulfilled with excellence, points toward our vision to prepare tomorrow’s leaders to transform the world for Christ. Our faith in Christ fuels everything we do, as it has since the school’s founding task force formed in 2005.

Your Opportunity

One of the ways you will know Valor is the right school for you is if you can enthusiastically align with our mission and support a decidedly Christian education for your student.

Whatever your various reasons for interest in our school — and whatever questions you may have — thank you for taking time to consider your opportunity at Valor.

Please feel free to further explore online, and please visit our campus soon to experience Valor and all that it has to offer.