Shane Gilbert

Instructional Faculty - English

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Appointed 2017. Ms. Gilbert started teaching in 1995 in Steamboat Springs simply because it came with a ski pass!  There, she taught the US Nordic and Special Jumpers Ski Teams and simultaneously worked at the local Christian school as the sole English teacher, drama and film teacher, college counselor, SAT teacher, coaching both the Girl’s Lacrosse and Equestrian teams, and was the AP coordinator. In 2000, Ms. Gilbert was awarded Walmart Teacher of the Year and Colorado Women’s Lacrosse Coach of the Year.  After seven years, she moved to LA to follow her filmmaking dreams.

In 2005, Ms. Gilbert took off to Africa to find her winning story, but God had different plans.  While filming, Mzungu: White Wander, she met her beautiful daughter, Jesca, a former Ugandan street girl.  Ms. Gilbert remained in Kampala another seven years to start a Christian school and work in Katanga Slum to learn the root-causes of the orphan cycle.  After years of guest-speaking around the country on foreign aid, Ms. Gilbert and Jesca relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia at an international school before joining the Valor family.  In the summers, Ms. Gilbert teaches at Phillips Exeter Academy and works for The College Board, scoring the AP Literature exam.  When given the choice of any high school in the world, Jesca chose Valor and they’ll never look back!

B.A. Creative Writing (Playwriting) – Texas Christian University, 1994
B.A. World Religions – Texas Christian University, 1994
M.A. Teaching of English (summa cum laude) – Columbia University, 2018