Veritas Takes on Culture in Original Production

Written By: Abby Hale

Difference Maker was a groundbreaking and diverse show that highlighted dance while focusing on societal issues. Topics such as self love, bravery, bullying, isolation, social media, abstinence and abusive relationships were addressed during the show with dance, media, music and rap.  The show included musicians and Christian rapper Eppic, who wrote an original song just for the Veritas Dance Company this year.  

The main message of the show was to help us see how to step out of the darkness and making a positive difference around you. Often, we see something and wish to change it but instead we stick to the sidelines and let the opportunity for change pass us by.  Sometimes we convince ourselves that someone else will fix the issue, or that making any kind of effort would be a drop in an ocean of brokenness.  How could one person possibly change the world?

Ideas can spread like wildfire, but taking action can be more difficult to embrace. After tragedies occur, everyone posts artsy photos with “#PrayFor___”, but is anyone actually praying? Is anyone sending relief packages or raising money to aid in the healing process? Sometimes it seems as if we are all crying out and asking why the world is so harsh and cruel, but no one is doing anything about it. I have been guilty of this many times. When faced with injustice or suffering, I immediately want to reach out and help in some way, but here’s the ugly truth: I’m afraid to stand out. I think we all are at some point. Being different from the crowd sucks. Taking a leap of faith is scary and if you fail, everyone will think you are naive or lame. So we talk ourselves away from the edge of the cliff.  We go back to where we are comfortable. We continue “praying” for whatever country just suffered an attack or a disaster.

But Difference Maker showed us in a compelling way, about leaving your comfort zone behind. It’s about knocking down your inhibitions. It’s about sprinting toward the edge of the cliff and leaping right over it. It asks you to put your reputation at risk for the benefit of the world. Difference Maker motivates you and encourages you to take small steps to actually do something about the evils in the world. It implores you to take action and trust in God. It leaves you convicted, but rejuvenated in what you are capable of.

From the song choice, to the expertly choreographed dances, to the poignant imagery and stories told all through dance, Difference Maker was set apart from any other dance performance I have seen. Dancing at Valor is not just about footwork, but also real world issues that matter. Difference Maker reminds us that it only takes one brave person to call another person to action, who calls another to action, and so on until suddenly there’s an army behind a cause. It won’t be easy, but it will be rewarding. Making an effort to make a difference is surely better than making yet another rant post on Facebook. And that’s all it takes. One must only shut the laptop or take that first step of listening to a friend or lending a helping hand or pitching in that dollar or two to set a globally transformative initiative into motion.