Valor Vespers Recap


Valor Vespers “Gloria” was a spectacular display of reclaiming the arts for Christ. Valor Students used their talents in dance, singing, music, acting, and even makeup in this epic production to tell Jesus’ story. The Christmas story is told by many during this time of year, but “Gloria” was in no way repetitive. Not only was it visually impressive and entertaining, but it took a fresh look at Jesus’ birth starting from the very beginning of the story. The show documents Adam and Eve’s creation in a graceful dance, and then tells the story of the Fall in an intense number performed by Veritas Dance Company and  Amanda Newkirk (17). Gabriel, played by Jonathan Fitzsimmons (18), announces God’s glory and His plan to redeem humanity throughout the production, taking audiences back in time to key points in the Christmas story. Valor Vespers “Gloria” was a truly inspiring and breathtaking display of Valor Arts and God’s gifts in our students, and how they used them to glorify Him.


Video By: Marian Bouchot

Article By: Abby Hale