Valor Senior Uses Rap to Make an Impact

Art is in many ways an outlet for one to share their voice in a different and creative way.  A good artist will harness this philosophy to get a meaningful message across that would otherwise be missed in normal conversation.  Senior Trae Ambler, a rapper also known as Trilogy_, follows this discipline in his own artwork.  

Ambler grew up in the punk-rock scene in Los Angeles, California.  He always has recognized the power that music has, so he started pursuing music by teaching himself guitar.  After moving to Colorado and starting at Valor, inspiration struck.

“The first rap song I heard was by Kanye,” said Ambler. “Then about two years ago, I went to an Andy Mineo concert with my friend.  We just thought that it was the coolest thing.”

That inspiration led Ambler to begin to write his own music.  He is completely self taught and has recorded about ten original songs already in his home studio.  Ambler will be coming out with his debut album this month on SoundCloud titled RookieSeason.  It is an album about his own personal life experiences and journey toward recording and producing music.

“I’m quite nervous to be releasing my music mostly because I’m just not sure how people will feel about it,” said Ambler.  Despite the nerves, he is very excited to share his music with people.  One of his musical goals is to speak hope and light into people’s lives.  He finds inspiration to write these songs through his role models and through quotes.

“I will often read a quote and write a lyric from it.  My inspiration comes at completely random times and I will just write down everything that comes to me.”   Ambler’s favorite quote is by fellow rap artist KB: “The only type of life is the type of life where you take risks.”  One of the songs off the new record is inspired by this quote.  Ambler says it highlights how difficult it is to get into the music industry and how he will only make it if he takes risks.  This piece of wisdom is something that he will carry with him for a long time.

“My goals are to get my music out there and to try to do a small tour with my friends in the next few years.  I want them along on the journey with me,” said Ambler.

Ambler started out a solo act, but when he and his three friends fell in love with rap they collaborated a lot.  From that sprouted the name Trillogy_.  After all of them took their own music in separate directions, Ambler adopted the name for himself.

“The name works perfect for me because Trae means three in some languages, I live in the 303, and the name still represents the original trio that my friends and I made up,” he explained.   The way music affects people emotionally is a powerful thing.  Ambler likes to harness that power in his music. When people listen, he wants them to conjure up feelings of hope and positive thinking.  “I strongly believe that music can alter mood and emotion, so I write about how I feel a lot,” Ambler said.

By knowing this, he is deliberate about what he puts into his songs.  It means a lot to Ambler that he can reach an audience through emotion and he hopes to build on that throughout his career as a musician.  Ambler’s debut album RookieSeason drops this Friday on SoundCloud and features his favorite song, the title track, “Rookie.”  

Interview and Photos By: Ben Beyers



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