Valor dancers feel blessed with opportunities for Conservatory and Poms

It’s Friday night at Valor. The Varsity Poms Team is changing out of their leotards and tights, into their game day uniforms for the football game. Releasing the slicked back buns in their hair, they tie bows into their loose curls. Kicking off their ballet slippers, they lace up their Adidas tennis shoes and prepare to take the field under the Friday night lights at the stadium.  

This is the regular routine for many dancers at Valor. They get the best of both worlds when it comes to dance. During the day, they participate in Conservatory, and after school they go to Poms practice. The Poms Team specializes in pom, jazz, and hip-hop. As a part of athletics, they perform high-energy routines and focus on school spirit. They perform at Varsity Football and Basketball games, community pep rallies, and competitions.

Many of the Poms members are also involved in Conservatory at Valor. The Conservatory includes a ballet class during the school day where dancers grow in their technique as they learn choreography and work with specialty teachers. The art of ballet encompasses more graceful movements but involves just as much strength and energy. The Conservatory class holds showcases to perform their work.

Junior Kelsey Spelts has done both Poms and Conservatory for the past two years. She enjoys having the option for because it allows dancers to have “two different types of training in different areas.” She says, “Conservatory is more personal and individualized training, where Poms teaches you how to work with others as a team.”

It is very beneficial for dancers to practice many different styles and types of training. Valor dancers are blessed to have the opportunity to participate in both programs, and not have to choose one or the other. Most dancers grow up training in multiple styles, but then are forced to pick and be fully committed to one program. Participating in both also helps students practice time-management by balancing different activities. This creates well-rounded students.

Sophomore Peyton Allen says, “When I first joined Conservatory as sophomore, it was difficult for me to balance that and Poms, but once you get into the groove and know your schedule, it becomes easier. We are very lucky to be able to have Conservatory dance classes during the day, since Poms takes up the after-school time. This allows us to be able to do both, but still stay ahead with our school work and spend time with family.”