Jay McCann & Michael Jennings

The Valor Team: Friends and Colleagues

Jay McCann joined Valor’s College and Career Counseling team in 2015. Working in a school as an education professional, Jay was seeking a fresh opportunity to direct students in their college pursuits. He was drawn to the mission and vision of Valor and desired to work in a Christian environment. The culture, community and the opportunity to use his expertise to guide students in selecting the right college seemed a great fit for Jay and his wife. As a young couple establishing professional careers, they prayerfully considered the position and felt assured that Jay was being called to Valor. Immediately the McCanns felt welcomed and valued and quickly began forming new friendships within this loving, unique community.

The following year, Valor was seeking to fill the position of Admissions Director, and Jay was certain he knew the right candidate for the role. He contacted his friend and former colleague, Michael Jennings, and suggested he consider applying. Michael, though he was not actively seeking a new position, trusted his friend Jay and considered the possibility that he too was being called to serve at Valor. The Valor culture, community, mission and vision spoke deeply to Michael and he quickly pursued the Admissions Director position.

Since accepting their employment offers, both Jay and Michael have become integral members of the Valor team. They each have built solid relationships among their colleagues, the students and the Valor community, affirming their decisions to pursue and accept positions at Valor.