Hurricane Harvey Relief

Valor’s Response to Hurricane Harvey Relief

Many of you have inquired as to Valor’s response for the tragic situation resulting from Hurricane Harvey in southern Texas. Valor has sent relief teams to help victims from past tragedies such as the northern Colorado flooding in 2013, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and tornado damage in the Midwest in our early years.

We rely on the experts to help guide our response. We have learned that a knee jerk attempt at sending a team would result in our team not have the resources, or expertise to truly help and can get in the way of better prepared and informed relief efforts. Also, you may have heard that with a major disaster like this, cleanup efforts will go on likely for years.

Discovery Support

With that in mind, we are tentatively planning one, perhaps two, Valor Discovery experiences for Spring Break and Practicum Week. We will seek to assist an organization like Samaritan’s Purse in its relief efforts which will be ongoing for many months. They have the long-term expertise with disasters all over the world and extensive experience with hurricane/ flooding relief efforts in the United States. More information will be available on or before Discovery Night on October 8.


Others have inquired as to where you can donate to best effect the relief efforts. Valor will accept contributions toward those relief efforts, but our planned focus will seek to help Christian schools which have suffered damage from this disaster. We are already in communication with some schools, and it will be some time before they can even assess the damage and the impact on their school and school community this year. Donations can be made using the form below.

If you wish to give financially to most immediately impact the relief and recovery efforts, we would recommend you contribute to a long standing organization like Samaritan’s Purse or similar organization. Disasters invite opportunists who would love to take your money, so we advise caution and yet encourage generosity.

We encourage everyone to pray for the Valor community’s family, loved ones and for all others who are suffering so greatly through this disaster.