The Loft Sessions : Caroline Fernalld

Behind the scenes of Caroline Fernalld’s music video.
By Marion Bouchot

I first heard Caroline sing her song Used To in the Valor Center stairwell last year. As her folk-style voice echoed over the walls, it was a beautiful moment. Little did I know that she would later ask me to create a music video for her. What a thrill.

I asked Caroline to send me videos and photos that showed what she wanted her video to look and feel like. When she told me she wanted to film it on her ranch, I took the initiative of visiting to familiarize myself with the location, and to see what places would be best to photograph. We decided to shoot the video by an old, white barn and rusted trailer surrounded by a sea of tall, golden grass. One look at the location, and we both knew it was absolutely perfect for what we had in mind!

Filming day was an awesome experience.  Every time Caroline sang for the camera, the emotions of her song showed in everything she did.  She could have simply given you a simple glance and a wave emotions would have hit you. I remember getting goosebumps with several of the takes. It was amazing to watch Caroline visually show the emotions behind the lyrics of her song.

After countless hours spent in and out of the editing room, I was able to finally show her the finished product. The joy that it gave Caroline to see her craft come alive was extraordinary!  We were both extremely happy with our projects. 

Everyone has so much individual talent, whether in music, academics, athletics or the arts, but when collaboration takes place something truly amazing can come to life. If it was not for Caroline’s song, I would have never had this great experience that brought us so much joy. God loves putting people together like perfect puzzle pieces and I am incredibly grateful that he pieced Caroline and I together.

-Marian Bouchot 


Jonathan Fitzsimmons – Boom mic

Jonathan Hurdle – Camera #2

Eunji Lee – Interviewer  

Marian Bouchot – Director/Producer & Camera #1