Myki Timlin: Why I Play

Having a pretty busy childhood, I never really get to play sports like most kids did. I started playing volleyball when I was about 9 years old after we moved to Colorado from Florida. Volleyball seemed pretty cool and I made a lot of friends, but when I was young, I never really thought to […]

Darby Warburton – Why I Play

For as long as I can remember, tennis has been a part of my life. When I was 4 my mom decided to sign me up for a tennis lesson. I cried, I bawled. There was not one part of my 4 year old self that wanted to be out on that court. However, somewhere […]

Danni Malinski – Why I Play

I was asked to write about why I play lacrosse one week before I tore my ACL my senior season. ACL injuries have become a common thing in lacrosse, I’ve had a good amount of teammates and coaches suffer from the injury, but for some reason it never occured to me that it could happen […]

Maddie Doyle: Why I Dance

Growing up, my parents enrolled my sister and I in basketball, soccer, softball, and of course, dance. We were apart of the stereotypical little girls taking ballet and tap for 30 minutes a week. None of the sports really stuck with me, despite my parents both having successful high school athletic careers. I think I […]