Mental Health

High school can be a very tough time. Problems with friends, a relationship gone sour, difficulties at home, peer pressure … all these things can be overwhelming. But there’s great news: you are NOT alone, and you are NOT the only person struggling. What’s more, God loves to take all the hard stuff in our lives, especially our hurt and shame, and shape it all into an amazing story that we can confidently share with others.

I’m Lindsey Ervin, Valor’s social emotional services coordinator, and I would love to hear from you! My phone number is 303.471.3261 and my office is behind the main front desk in the Academic Building, where all the college counselors are. We have lots of ways to help students, so even if you think, “My stuff is not that bad,” please just come check in. We keep it real in my office … and you will see just how much you are loved!