Students Host Anti-Sex Trafficking Conference

Written By: Abby Hale

Last weekend Valor students partnered with students from five other area high schools to host the second annual SHIFT Justice Conference.  The purpose of the event was to bring to light the problem of sex trafficking and, more importantly, highlight ways to help end the suffering of the 46 million slaves globally and locally.  SHIFT focused primarily on how to make the shift from awareness to action. Acknowledging something is easy but taking action is the hard part.

SHIFT is a campaign of Momentum Global that began last year with Valor students. After a successful conference last year, the group has gained even more traction and this year’s event engaged 62 volunteers and 20 sponsors/speakers! Not only did the conference reach approximately 400 in person on Saturday, but the event was able to further raise the awareness of trafficking here in the metro area through broadcast opportunities and features.  The SHIFT Team was invited to speak on 9 different radio shows leading up to Saturday’s event (public radio and Christian radio stations) and was featured on CBS News-4 Saturday evening news.

As a result of this event, people have begun to not only realize sex trafficking is happening here locally, but they have started to think about how they could get involved to fight this issue. They see the opportunity to work together to fight sex slavery and start the shift to freedom. We can only dream of how far SHIFT will grow by this time next year. For more information about the SHIFT Justice Conference, you can visit their website here.

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