Student Parking

Parking Protocol

Students who drive cars to school must follow the proper traffic flow and must park in the areas designated for student parking (see parking “Map”). Students who are interested in parking on campus must first complete the vehicle registration form in Magnus to be eligible for a parking permit.

The back Teal Ridge gate will be open for morning carpool drop off and afternoon carpool pickup, but will be closed during school hours. Eligible student drivers must have their vehicles registered through Magnus with a sticker permit issued and on their front windshield. If properly registered, license plate recognition will grant access when the gate is closed. Parents are also encouraged to register their vehicles through the Magnus link as well.


Sophomore students are eligible for parking permits at the start of the Second Semester (see *Sophomore First Semester Hardship below).

Juniors & Seniors

Parking permits will be issued at check-in to Seniors and Juniors who have properly registered their vehicle through Magnus.

All vehicles that park on Valor property must be appropriately permitted unless they are short-term visitors.  All Valor students must have clearly visible, current permits affixed to their vehicles as per the permit regulations. This provision allows Valor personnel to easily identify if a vehicle is authorized to park on our campus and assist in keeping track of those on campus at any given time.

Fines may be assessed for unsafe driving practices or for violations of permit regulations. Driving privileges can be revoked or restricted for repeated occurrences of driving infractions and or for immediately dangerous driving practices. At all times, Valor strives to make parking management an educational experience and we encourage our students to display responsibility and self-advocacy.

Parking Permits & Licenses

Sophomore First Semester Hardship Parking Permits
Please contact the Dean’s office to discuss or apply for a First Semester Hardship Parking Permit request. All requests can be sent to the Dean’s Department. Please note, hardship requests must be pre-approved to register a vehicle and receive a “hardship” permit for first-semester parking.

  • The parking permit needs to be visible at all times and displayed on the right lower corner of the windshield (passenger’s side) while the vehicle is parked on campus. The parking permit must be easily seen from outside the car. 
  • Replacement permits may be purchased for an additional $15. Students that remove permits or try to pass their parking permits on to other students will face disciplinary action and may lose parking privileges.
  • Students are responsible for following driving rules and regulations while on campus and must have valid drivers license and auto insurance.

Where to Park

  • Juniors and Sophomores are not authorized to park in Senior Lots “C” or “D” during school hours and may be subject to fines. (see parking map).
  • Parking in a Fire Lane marked by “red curb”,  “fire lane sign” or “no parking sign” is prohibited at all times and will be subject to fines.
  • Parking is not permitted at the back kitchen delivery dock area (see Parking Map) and will be subject to parking fines.
  • Only visitors or properly permitted vehicles are allowed to park in Visitor Lot “A” or Valor Center Lot “J” (see parking map). 
  • Cherry Hills Community Church parking lot is not available to students unless directed by Valor administration.

Carpool Parking Permits

Carpool parking may be available (under certain circumstances) to students/families who carpool together. Please contact the Dean’s department directly to inquire about carpool parking permits.

Parking Violations and Tickets

  • Parking tickets are payable in the Student Experience coordinators’ office (Mrs. Miller). Warnings are initially given for violations. After warnings, the initial ticket fine is $25, subsequent fines may be increased to no more than $50 each. Four tickets or more will be referred to the Dean’s office for further consequences.
  • Fines may be assessed for parking violations.

Reminders and Regulations

  • Access to vehicles may be limited or unavailable during school hours
  • Student cars that do not display the correct parking permit risk receiving a ticket and may lose parking privileges.
  • Repeated violations of the permit regulations will be addressed as appropriate.
  • Driving to school and campus parking is a privilege, which will be revoked if abused.
  • Students will receive consequences for reckless driving while on Valor property.
  • Student vehicles may be subject to search by authorities (plural) should reasonable suspicion exist that the vehicle’s contents pose a threat to human safety or violate the law while on the Valor campus.
  • Vehicles are not authorized to park overnight except under special circumstances and with notification of the Dean’s office.

Questions or concerns regarding parking violations may be referred to the Dean’s department.