Student Tech Setup

On behalf of the IT Department, we would like to welcome you to the 2020-2021 school year.
On this page, you will find information about getting logged in to your various accounts, and other services on campus.

First Time/Returning Student Account Setup

Prior to connecting to wireless, email, or any other site, students will need to set up a personal password for this school year if they have not done so already

Temporary passwords have been issued to all students which are printed on the “Information for Students” sheet delivered at check-in.  Temporary passwords are set to the student ID # exactly as it is listed on their ID, as well as the “Information for Students” sheet (please note the S is case sensitive).

To get logged in, you’ll need to update your password by clicking here.  The student ID should go in the old password field

A reminder that new passwords should be a minimum of ten (10) characters and be comprised of three (3) of the following:

  • Upper Case Letters
  • Lower Case Letters
  • Numbers
  • Special Characters
Once a confirmation is received that the password has been set, students can use their username and password to join VALORWIRELESS while on campus, as well as log in to email and Schoology.

Email and Cloud Storage

Every student is issued an email address through Google’s G Suite.  This email address is one of the primary methods of communication used by the school as a whole and by your teachers.

Additionally, for the duration of your time at Valor, G Suite can be utilized for collaboration between peers and to back up classwork.

Prior to getting started with any of the other services on campus, you will need to set your login up.  99% of campus resources utilize this login, so it’s important to set up a password you remember.

First time users can log in here, and utilize the information provided at check-in to sign in.  

Campus Wireless

Wireless Internet access is available to all students.  In addition to providing internet, this wireless network also gives you access to campus printing resources as well as other class specific resources.

To access the wireless on campus, look for the wireless network named VALORWIRELESS.

The username and password for the wireless are the same as your email login and password.

Tips for common issues

  • Sometimes when accessing from devices, it may ask whether or not you want to trust a certificitate, click/tap trust or continue on that to proceed.
  • If you have joined valorwireless before, or are having issues connecting on iphones and other devices, you might need to forget the wireless network before you can reconnect.  Click here to learn how to forget the network.


For those of you that need to print out assignments, research, or other various school work, printing is available in the library and can be done directly from your computer.  

We utilize a special program that makes it incredibly easy to install and access from your computer.

In order to access this program, you will need to be on the VALORWIRELESS network.  Once connected, please proceed to the link below and follow the steps.

Zoom/Remote Learning

All Valor Students have access to Zoom through their GoValor accounts.  Zoom will be the primary remote method for any student that needs to remain at home, or for other remote learning needs.

In addition, you are free to use your zoom accounts if needed for other student-to-student communications or personal needs.

Microsoft Office Apps

All students have access to Microsoft Office apps as part of their tuition.  These apps include Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, as well as various cloud apps by microsoft.

To download office, visit the link below and log in with your Valor login.

Help Desk

As always, should you need help signing in, or have other issues related to your various accounts, we are here to help!

With the distancing and interation limitations this year, immediate in-person support may not always be available.

The best way to reach us is through our ticketing system.  You can reach the ticketing system via the link below, or by emailing  We will work with you to solve the issue and then schedule an appointment as necessary.  You can also use the form below to fill out a request.