Valor Esports teams begin 3rd CHSAA season

Valor is starting its third year with Esports, a sport that was recently added by Colorado High School Athletic Association (CHSAA.)  Our Valor teams have been competing against other high schools that we normally meet on the field.

“Esports is a way to connect with many students who are interested in video games, but still want to engage in school spirit and learn better teamwork,” explains Mr. Nate Higgins, Valor Esports coach. Last year, Valor earned 2nd place in State, beaten out by Rocky Mountain High School.

Esports has been a growing field for the last 15 years, starting many leagues across the country. With the advent of the streaming service of Twitch, viewership of these competitions rivals the NBA and NHL. “Esports are what students are watching these days and Valor is working to be at the forefront of this new field,” says Mr. Higgins. “Last year we sent our first graduate, Bryan Vossen (’21) to play Rocket League at Colorado School of Mines.” Increasingly college teams are adding scholarships for these teams.

Valor hopes to continue to grow the program to engage students who are searching for ways to plug in. Through Esports, Valor hopes to bring a Christian environment to video games and healthy habits surrounding them. For those looking to support the team, matches will be streamed to our Valor Twitch account and we are hoping to build a world class computer lab for Esports and STEM in the near future. If you have questions or want to know more, contact Mr. Nate Higgins.

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