Valor Aerospace Clubs Take Flight

Did you know that Colorado employs the greatest number of aerospace workers in the United States? There are approximately 368,000 people working in the industry (over 55,000 in our state) generating $15.4 billion worth of economic value. The Valor STEM program has been focused on aeronautics and astronautics since its inception.
In the Valor Flying Club, students can work on free flight, radio-control, and flight simulation. There are several community organizations available to mentor students, such as the Magnificent Mountain Men Free Flight Club, Jeffco Aeromod’lers, and the United Airlines Flight Training Center.
In the Valor Multirotor Club, students can learn to fly “drones”,  starting with the Tello mini-drone and working their way up to photographic or racing drones. They can even study for their Part 107 Commercial Drone Exam.
Finally, students get experience in rocketry and high-altitude balloon activities with the Valor Space Engineering Club. Students start with the Estes Alpha rockets that fly to 400 feet and can work their way up to Level I high-powered rockets that fly over 10,000 feet. We will use the high-altitude balloons to carry miniature CubeSats into near space.
The democratization of the skies is the new Internet rush. These three clubs will provide students with experience and access to contacts in the aerospace field.
If you’d like to learn more about Valor aerospace clubs, contact Mr. Russon or visit the STEM webpage.

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