The New Face of Safety and Security

After four years as Valor’s School Resource Officer (SRO) through the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department, Dan Coyle officially took on the role of Director of Safety and Security this January. Director of Student Experience Tige Watson believes Coyle was a natural fit for the position due to his long-standing relationship with the Valor community. He describes Coyle’s valuable contributions, saying, “During his tenure at Valor, Dan helped enhance the culture of Safety and Security through his wisdom and knowledge of potential threats, as well as his consistent engagement with our student community in building trusting relationships whereby students feel they can share their concerns, fears, and insights.”

Aside from the shift from wearing a law enforcement uniform every day to plain clothes, Coyle sees the level of oversight he has over school security as the biggest change in his day to day work. “I see myself as a shepherd watching over the flock,” he says. “As an SRO I was a shepherd in the field with the sheep, but now I’m more of an overseer of the sheep and other shepherds.”

To keep Valor students in green pastures, Coyle partners with Officer Dan Palermo, his replacement as Valor’s new SRO. Officer Palermo comes to Valor after seven years of school law enforcement service in Douglas County schools and looks forward to the opportunity to establish relationships with the students he’s dedicated to protect. “I see my job as enforcing the laws and also being a mentor to the kids,” Palermo says.

By establishing plans for emergency situations and everyday safety and security, Coyle and Palermo will work together to continue keeping students safe.

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