Tanner Tadra ’16, First Responder for U.S. Forest Service

In a record-breaking fire season in the United States, firefighters face harsh conditions and exhaustion as they battle nature’s elements. Tanner Tadra ’16 developed the mental and physical toughness needed as a first responder for the U.S. Forest Service during his time as a Valor student-athlete.

During his high school years at Valor, Tanner played on Valor’s football team when they competed for the State Championship. “Through my involvement in bigger school activities and sports, I became mentally tougher,” says Tanner, who is finishing up his bachelor’s in communications studies with a minor in business administration from Black Hills State University, where he also played football for three years. “Those experiences helped me to push through challenges and always to perform my best.”

Now in his third season working for the United States Forest Service as a wildland firefighter in Wyoming, Tanner recently became an emergency medical technician (EMT) and has volunteered for his local fire department for the past four years where he may possibly make it a full-time career. 

Today, Tanner enjoys being close to his family who have moved from Colorado to South Dakota to be closer to him.  “It is a huge blessing to have my parents and siblings only 20 minutes away, knowing that I have their support just reminds me of the strong relationships I built during my time at Valor.”

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