Listen and Learn – Staff Podcast Recommendations

With Spring Break and Practicum approaching, why not take advantage of the chance to learn something new? Whether traveling locally, abroad, or staying at home, podcasts are a great way to learn about the world and people around you. Valor staff and faculty submitted some of their favorites related to faith, life, and culture; check out the full list:


  • Dream Big
    “Bob Goff has fantastic speakers come on his show and share struggles and passions and all sorts of amazing information! I have read a lot of books because of the authors he has brought onto the show!”
    -Brian Bonn
  • That Sounds Fun 
    I love Annie’s honesty about the Christian life, and her guests almost always end up speaking to how we can life in this world and culture today.”
    -Laura Dykstra
  • Your Move with Andy Stanley
    It is just a really on-point, encouraging way to lift you up and point you towards Jesus!”
    -Ashley Loaiza
  • The Bible Recap 
    “This is a commentary on reading the Bible in a year. She explains what I have just read and helps me to see where God is at work. It has made Scripture come alive and keeps me in the word every day!”
    -Missy Marchino
  • Renewing Your Mind (with R.C. Sproul) 
    “Nothing better than solid teaching by a group of teachers who love The Lord and know how to delve into scripture. It’s also 26 minutes per session so it’s pretty easy to listen while driving or doing odd jobs around the house.”
    -Wes Greer
  • Ask Pastor John
    What’s not to like about listening to John Piper thoughtfully answering really relevant questions about living life as a Christ-follower?!”
    -David Ziegler
  • Reasonable Faith with William Lane Craig
    It’s an intelligent consideration of faith, culture and science, and it has helped me stay informed about and think more clearly through a number of issues.”
    -Thomas Hill


  • This Cultural Moment
    Have you ever wondered how we arrived to where we are as a society where the term “Post-Christian” has been applied? Mark Sayers along with John Mark Comer do a great job distilling big ideas in theology, sociology, marketing and more towards understanding how we start to engage a secular, deconstructing world in our Colorado backyards.”
    -Jay McCann
  • Makers & Mystics
    Denver, and the artist community supporting these events is really wonderful. As we point to the intersection of art and a relationship with Jesus in our program, it’s great to have access to conversations with musicians, poets, painters, dancers, etc. in this podcast.”
    -Hayes Trotter
  • American Elections: Wicked Game
    The podcast walks through all presidential elections which helps understand the current political arena.”
    -Sarah Edson
  • On Being
    The On Being podcast comprises rich conversations about life with a fascinating variety of authors, artists, and other cultural influencers.”
    -Laura Otto
  • More Than A Song
    More Than a Song is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping you discover the truth of Scripture hidden in today’s popular Christian music.”
    -Casey Willett


  • Revisionist History
    “‘My podcast is about things that are overlooked and misunderstood.’ Malcom Gladwell does an amazing job of providing new, different perspectives to historical events. He also incorporates some great, dry satirical relief – if you’re into that sort of thing.
    -Will Ostransky, Kurt Gutschick, Josiah Rothlisberger
  • Mobituaries
    Easy to digest podcast by Mo Rocca who is funny and kind. Combines fun storytelling with historical awareness.”
    -Kevin Von Qualen


  • The Lazy Genius
    Home and parenting tips to be a genius about the things that matter and lazy about the things that don’t.”
    -Zonya Hamilton
  • Planet Money
    “Practical and interesting.”
    Kurt Gutschick


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