Showing off a Senior Tradition

Although many activities have had to adjust this Fall, Valor seniors still found a way to continue the annual tradition of “Senior Pants,” with an Arts exhibit showcasing their creations and school spirit. Several senior girls designed their pants with each of their personalities shining through the design colors, patterns and materials.

With the support of Hayes Trotter, who teaches Valor’s Drawing and Painting class, Sarah Fabian ‘21 gathered senior girls to create an exhibit. Encouraging other students to get involved and stay connected was Sarah’s motivation for Senior Pants. “Taking electives that you aren’t familiar with helped me learn so much and find passions I didn’t know I had,” says Sarah, who advises students to be intentional about fostering strong relationships with teachers and stepping out in faith to try a new class or activity.

Sarah took a look at pictures from the first day of school when everyone wore their pants.  Wishing she could squeeze every girls’ pants into the gallery, she selected 12 that stood out in their creativity. Next, she explored unique ways to display the pants in the gallery using clips normally used to hang frames, mannequins, and a clothing rack to present the pants in a fun way.

“I hope this exhibit will inspire people to believe that good can come out of everything,” says Sarah. “Even in the midst of a world pandemic we can still celebrate all of our successes over the years and continue traditions. I hope by people seeing this exhibit it will give them hope that there is so much friendship, and good times to come regardless of what happens.”

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