Savannah Wanebo places in state Poetry Out Loud

Congratulations to Savannah Wanebo ’21 for her strong finish, placing 3rd at the Colorado State finals for Poetry Out Loud 2021. Savannah’s passion, prowess and thespian skills gave her audience a profound moment!
If you’ve never attended a live poetry recitation, imagine the compelling character and narrative of a stage play mixed with the intimacy of a stand-up routine and condensed into a 2-to-3-minute performance. No scenery, no props—just a brave soul with a voice in front of an audience. The challenge is simple: to invite the audience to understand and partake of the beauty, tension, emotion, and truth of the poem. 
In a time when words are seemingly more expendable than ever, and too often used to sew division and discord, a program like Poetry Out Loud invites participants and audiences into the unifying power of language. Through these moments, ideals of truth, nobility and empathy ring out, and that’s a great win for everyone!

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