Rising Leaders: Five Student Leadership Characteristics

By Noah Hughes, 2020-21 Student Body President
As we move into the 2020-2021 school year, the Valor Student Leadership Board (SLB) has a lot of work cut out for the year ahead. Of course, our team wants to make all of our events fun and do our best to make up for some things that Valor students missed out on this year, but the main task for SLB is set in the hearts of all of our members.
As leaders, our main focus is to influence others to take part by being in community with others and with Jesus. This starts with our character, is supported by fearless courage and relentless discipline, and is wrapped in an attitude of service to others.
It’s really important to start with the foundation of our character in Jesus. In Matthew 22:37-38, Jesus tells us that the first and greatest commandment is to love the Lord. In order for us to be effective leaders, it is essential for us to have a relationship with the Lord. Through Him, we can exemplify love throughout the Valor community and beyond, as leadership does not stop outside the doors of our school.
With our belief in the Lord, we grow more courageous every day. Courage comes in many forms for high school students, but the greatest form of courage is leading by example. It takes courage to model what is right to others in a world that pushes you to do what everyone else wants. When we embrace our call to leadership, our influence extends beyond the Valor campus and into all areas of our lives.
As we live courageously, we must also stay disciplined to encourage leadership qualities in others. One of the main things we talk about in our Principles of Student Leadership class is DWYSYWD, or Do What You Say You Will Do. As leaders, we strive to have the discipline to not make half-hearted commitments, but to follow through on them.
Finally, courage and discipline allow us to be devoted to serving others. Jesus sets the example of being a servant himself in John 13:13-16. By washing the disciples’ feet, he set the best example of what true leadership really looks like. Ultimately, in every role we take on as an SLB, whether planning and executing dances or pep assemblies, volunteering at Explore Valor events, or just being a friend for somebody to talk to, we are working on growing the qualities of character, courage, discipline, and service, so that we can truly influence for excellence at Valor and beyond.
Looking to the days ahead, we have a lot of big ideas and dreams and we are very excited to see what we can accomplish! Especially during times like these, let’s remember that being a leader doesn’t just come from painting a poster or hanging up some decorations. It comes from having faith in Jesus so that we can influence others for God’s kingdom, even when the world pulls in every other direction.

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