Managua, Nicaragua 2017 – Club Esperanza

I’ve never been on a mission experience like this. This is my third Discovery trip and fourth total in missions. Working in the community surrounding Club Esperanza today I felt God’s overwhelming presence and Love for us.

We started early with a devotional (by Savannah who rocked) and then breakfast. We’ve been asking our team to trust God like crazy and today was no different. We painted the entire Club Esperanza before lunch…that’s crazy.

Chachi said it was an all-day job, but we knocked it out in record time. Not only did we knock it out – we had fun doing it. That’s a trait of this team, enjoying and loving each other. Chachi challenged us by talking about how God worked in the creation of the Club.

The original school was demolished when the government closed the dump and the school was in the middle – yes, I said: “in the middle” of the dump. God moved and a new club formed shortly after and we had the joy of painting it today.

The locals formed two soccer teams and challenged our team to a soccer tournament since we finished our project early. It was epic to watch the local Nicaraguan boys play the game they love so much and also watch Valor participate with the same vigor and resilience as the locals.

We were actually in a little concrete stadium next to the Club with three rows of seating. Soon the word got out there was a soccer match and no seat could be found. It was fun and Valor was beaten in all games but one (Savannah scored the winning goal). It didn’t matter who won or lost. We loved our time together.

We also ventured into the local community with about half of our team walking and praying for the community. Parents, ask if your son/daughter went on the tour to see what God did during our prayer walk.

Logan B was our spokesmen during debriefing and he articulated clearly how the dump community broke his heart. Yet, he was also clear that we are no better than the people in the community just because we have an abundance of material possessions. God clearly told him we all are in the same spot of needing a Savior.

Again, the same rain challenge we’ve encountered almost every day during our trip. We got soaked yet again just moving from the soccer court to the club. Literally, sopping wet, and when we got to the compound the power went out for over 3 hours. Our team did not even gripe once. They are the most resilient team I’ve ever been around. The power returned, we had dinner and one of the best debrief / devotionals ever. God is so good to us!!

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