Leaders in Mental Health

Lindsey Ervin and Carolina Paulson serve as licensed counselors on our Social-Emotional Services team. Heading into V-Week, they shared about their own wellness practices and why they’re passionate about holistic student health.


What type of wellness practices do you personally find most helpful?
Lindsey: I love my daily quiet time in the morning with coffee and devotional and prayer time. Cooking is one of my favorite ways to de-stress – I love preparing yummy food for my family and connecting over meals, being with friends, and spin classes where I can sweat it out! 


Carolina: I benefit from talking things out with people and with God, either in the form of a conversation, a prayer, or journaling. When life feels like it is swirling, talking helps me externalize what is piling up internally, broadens my understanding of my true feelings, and creates space for hope. 


What excites you about working in student wellness with Valor students?
Lindsey: I love our students and families so much and want the best for them. I get excited to share a holistic approach with our community – that when we take care of ourselves and each other well, we will thrive as a community. It’s my joy to simply provide opportunities for all of us to consider healthy ways of coping, relating and supporting one another.  


Carolina: I love building relationships with students and supporting them in the mix of joy and sorrow that life often holds. I am grateful for the opportunity to pray with them, talk with them, and laugh with them. 

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