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STEM jobs in today’s workforce are continuing their upward climb, averaging a 75% higher job growth rate compared to other industries and occupations; and, it’s no wonder. Here are just a few of the cool jobs that are possible with STEM: a wildlife tracker who utilizes biology and man’s best friend to locate threatened species and animals in the wild; or a movie sleuth specializing in engineering to create special effects that bring those Marvel or DC Comic superheroes to the big screen.

Students Ava Nicastro and Shirley Xu want to get students involved in STEM so they can see for themselves what cool opportunities might be available to them. One way to do this is through this year’s Science Olympiad competition. “Science Olympiad has given me a more well-rounded, full view of how everything is interconnected,” says Ava.  “I’ve gained so many valuable experiences participating in STEM, not to mention a better way to understand God and the complex world he created.”

Science Olympiad is an annual team-oriented competition where students compete in various events around a variety of scientific disciplines – earth science, biology, chemistry, physics, engineering, and many more. Roughly 7,500 middle school and high school teams from 50 U.S. states compete each year.

“Clubs are a great way to get plugged into STEM, or just have fun with friends and compete in competitions in a variety of topics, it looks great on transcripts, and it’s not a large commitment! You put in what you want to get out of it,” says Ava.

The STEM Competitions Club will have monthly meetings in the Upper Lobby of the Valor Center right after school from 2:35-3:00 p.m. Contact Rick Russon for more details.

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