Finding Community in Sources of Strength

Finding community, and a place to be yourself and make new friends, is one of the reasons Hayan Lee ’21 became a leader with Valor’s Sources of Strength.  “During COVID-19, plenty of things have been made more difficult,” explains Hayan, who is a senior this year. “There are so many amazing people willing to help students through the challenges they are facing in a safe environment.”

The mission of Sources of Strength is to help students and staff identify and use their strengths to support one another and others. Whether that be as a mentor, identifying positive friendships, spiritual guidance, engaging in health activities, and more; the Valor team connects students with one another to help ensure that during rough times no one gets so overwhelmed or hopeless that they want to give up.  

“My outlet is music. So understanding how to apply music as my ‘source of strength’ made such a huge difference,” explains Hayan. “I learned how to actively listen — like I need to do with my music.  I am now more comfortable and am getting better at it because I know there are people supporting me.”

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