Experience the Arts at Home

This week, Arts Instructor, Kaley Monson gives us some tips on how to encourage your creative expression, and spark inspiration while everyone is at home.
1. Did you know that Adobe is giving two months free subscription to Create Cloud Suite? Students just need to login with their Valor email to gain access. Check out this link below for more details.
2. MCA Denver has an awesome Instagram presence where they give out weekly creative prompts, while people post their artistic response with the #letsmca. The work is inspiring and provides creative prompts for people that may not know where to start.
3. Most world-famous museums are offering free virtual tours for anyone. Not only are they are engaging and fun, but some tours include commentary in British accents (who doesn’t love that?). You can find the tours by going to a specific museum, like the Louvre. Or here is a quick list of more well-known museums.
4. Take a free online art course! There is an incredible amount of free courses available, in many mediums. Even most colleges are offering free online courses at the moment. Skillshare is one source that students can use to find the course that interests them most.
5. Don’t forget to have fun and experiment. Try that new discipline or medium that piqued your interest, but you never gave yourself space to try and do. Be playful and make paints out of food, or find objects in your home and repurpose them. Go back to the basics and remember what you loved when you were little, so maybe it’s giving yourself permission to explore Play-doh again or maybe it’s taking out the Hotwheels from the attic and pushing them through some paint over a canvas. Each piece does not need to be a perfect work of art, if we focus on the end result we will never start, all we need to do is just remember how to play.
Kaley even shared a piece she worked on this week, “I have been doing daily prayer paintings to process what is going on in the world. They are messy and honest and give me permission to not be perfect or put together. It gives me space to not measure my worth but comparing it to an end product and instead I get to be present and just enjoy the process.”

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