Students & Teachers Benefit from Valor’s Tech Enhancements

Over the course of about three weeks and roughly 1,000 man-hours, Valor’s IT and Facilities Teams prepared 51 classrooms for a unique year.

In only a few short months, educators across the globe shifted to deliver information remotely. Valor’s commitment to in-person learning requires that we deliver an exceptional experience to students on our campus, but also prepare for the option for remote learning for students and teachers who may be unable to physically be present in the classroom.

If a teacher needs to be at home temporarily due to quarantine, Valor’s new technology allows the teacher to continue teaching his/her classes remotely. A substitute teacher will be in the classroom to take attendance and serve as a facilitator while the students will have the benefit of their teacher continuing to deliver the daily lesson plans.

“To echo the above point, I was able to continue with engaging activities which truly help student learning while still meeting the needs of my family. The students did not miss a beat,” says Sarah Edson, history teacher. “I also really appreciate the opportunity to connect with my students who need to be home for various reasons. It has allowed them to stay current with the lessons we are covering in class and to engage with both the teacher and other students.”

Valor’s added technology in our classrooms delivers a live online classroom experience to remote students. Teachers are able to teach face to face in a classroom while including those students attending remotely by having them join class via our 10 available Zoom rooms — where a monitor in the back of the classroom allows faculty to see their remote students on video as if they were sitting in the classroom. Our teachers can also record class sessions and share the content through Schoology.

Valor’s new technology allows remote students to stay up-to-date with the content taught in each class. Students who would have otherwise been considered ‘absent’ and ‘out of school for a period of time’ are able to connect with their teachers-even their classmates- in a way they wouldn’t have without this technology.

As education around the world adjusts to the ever-changing environment, Valor remains steadfast to its brand of education. Using modern technology coupled with 21st-century pedagogy, we teach our students to think critically and deeply, prepare for college, become lifelong learners, and form within themselves the knowledge and responsibility for transformational leadership.

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