DECA team wins big at state championship

Valor business students had great success at the DECA state championships this year!  Fifty-four students qualified for the championships, and 16 students competed in two events. From those, six students garnered state championship titles, with nine students awarded runners-up. Now, 20 students are set to advance to the international championships next month.


DECA allows 220,000 students around the world to apply their classroom business learning skills into “live” business scenarios and written business plans for competition at the local, state and international level. Valor is in its sixth year participating in the competitive format, and the only private high school in Colorado to do so.


Catelyn Tankersley ’21 earned 1st and 2nd place in her two events, giving her a total of three state championships and two runners-up in her Valor career!  Seniors Brooke Woodall, Bendor Shallow, Aidan Routzon and Nina Lawson were also crowned state champions, as well as Anthony Curcio ’22. 


Anthony was also selected to the Colorado State DECA officer team for the upcoming school year. His written project was the ‘Go Gold’ community giving campaign that Valor participated in during the fall semester. Anthony set up his own 501(C)3 corporation and made a significant difference to assist with childhood cancer.


Josh Hanft ’22 was the first Valor student ever to qualify for three international competition events.  As the spring semester continues to wind down, the returning juniors and sophomores will be seeking leadership positions and making plans for an in-person competition season in fall, 2021.


DECA sponsor Mr. David Haar knew that the modified format would take extra motivation for the students. “Our students excel in the live interaction and quick thinking skills that the in-person format allows. But they learned a whole new set of skills in the modified format this year, that will prove valuable no matter their profession,” he explained.  “We are very proud of the fortitude these students showed.”


The list of DECA awards, alphabetically:
Ashleigh Anema       2nd, Buying and Merchandising Operation
Emma Bedrick          3rd, Business Solutions
Luke Beukelman      4th, Automotive Services
Brooke Bowles         5th, International Business Plan
Juliana Carpinelli     4th, International Business Plan
Anthony Curcio        1st, Community Giving Project/PMCG
                                    2nd, Marketing management
Emily Davis               3rd, Business Solutions Project/PMBS
Anapaula Floyd        2nd, Buying and Merchandising Operation
                                    2nd, Marketing management
Meg Hammond        2nd, Financial Literacy Project
Joshua Hanft            3rd, Innovation Written Plan and 5th, FCE- Financial Consult
Nina Lawson             1st, Independent Business Plan
TJ Meyn                      2nd, Buying and Merchandising
Carter Morgan          2nd, Buying and Merchandising
Aidan Routzon          1st, Independent Business Plan
Morgan Schmid        2nd, Financial Literacy Project
Bendor Shallow        1st, Business Solutions Project
Catelyn Tankersley   2nd, Financial Literacy Project, and 1st, Hotel and Lodging
Brooke Woodall        1st, Business Solutions Project
Aidyn Wyatt              4th, Buying Operation Research Event
Cade Young               5th, Principles of Business Management

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