Cinderella Takes High Marks!

Valor’s spring musical, Cinderella, was a smash hit for our community, with high marks from professional judges. The ‘magical’ transforming gowns, flying Fairy Godmother, and modern touches of this fairy tale left the audiences enchanted and lining up for photos with the cast! We are grateful to have closed the show before the state stay-at-home order began.

Every year, the Denver Center for the Performing Arts sends professional adjudicators to watch the high school shows, by which nominations for awards in 12 categories are made. This amazing program provides constructive feedback on the shows and actors, and brings schools together for an annual awards night to celebrate high school theatre. Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, the ‘Bobby G’ awards have been cancelled this spring, but Valor received great feedback from our four adjudicators through their score sheets, which are worth noting.

The adjudicators all indicated that this was a show everyone should be proud of — from our lead actors to our chorus, performers and our technical artists backstage. They gave high marks for the amazing fairy tale storytelling on stage with a huge role played by our technical students through the seamless scene changes and performer and scene flying. The originality of the lighting (designed by Maddie White, Rhys Ogg and Ruth Jones) received top marks, as did the originality of the set design.

Sydney Kamel, who played Ella, was praised for ‘mixing a contemporary young woman with the classical fairytale heroine. She captured the optimism and innocence of Rodger & Hammersteins’ Cinderella while maintaining Ella’s independent nature.’  Ryan Lavey, who portrayed Topher, ‘created a likeable character who convincingly played the giant-slaying prince as well as the lovesick young man.’

Special shoutouts were given to the spectacular vocal performances of Marie (Victoria Xikes) and Lord Pinkleton (Connor English); the comic timing accomplished by Charlotte (Savannah Wanebo); the depth and complexity of character development portrayed in Madame (Zola Feasel) and Sebastian (Will Harbottle); and the sweet and endearing performances of Gabrielle (Lauren Honderd) and Jean-Michel (Ben Shultz).

Additional encouragement from the professional judges:

“Cinderella was an incredible production with whom EVERYONE involved should be very proud!  The sets and costumes were beautifully constructed and crafted, and the hair and make-up really added to the characters personalities!  The scene changes were smooth and seamless, as well as the costume changes – so magical!  The chorus was impeccable with their characters, reactions (obviously worked on in rehearsals).”

“The addition of the modernized expressions and comments were fun and made the production more relatable to the times of today!  The tableaus were beautifully staged and the stage was wonderfully balanced and looked like a page out of a storybook. Choreography and vocals were well-executed and energetic, the energy throughout the show never faltering!  The chase-scene was creative and well done and everyone looked like they were having the time of their lives up on that stage!’”

“Your production details noted that teaching humility and kindness were an intended part of your theater education program. This was communicated well throughout the show, in every actor, in the way they shared the stage with each other. Cinderella is a timeless story told around the world with varied plot lines and cultural revisions. This version, at Valor Christian High School, was beautifully realized.”

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