Chapel Series: Created in God’s Image

Like a picture on our smartphone, similarly, we are created in God’s image. Over the next few weeks, students will hear how who we are and what we do represents Jesus Christ in the world. During Chapel this past week, students heard from Emmanuel Engulu, Bible Instructional Faculty, who shared what it means to be created in God’s image.

“As humans, we have more worth than anything else in creation,” explained Mr. Engulu. “This is true of all human beings, no matter their color, no matter how smart, athletic, beautiful, or popular they are.”

Bringing his toddler on stage, Mr. Engulu. highlighted that when God’s image — either you, a son or daughter, or a friend — is ridiculed or devalued, this insults God. “If my son was attacked, it would upset me. How we treat other people matters,” he expressed. “How you interact with others on social media, in the hallways at Valor . . .” and in day-to-day interactions with others ultimately reflects on our creator.

Over the next two weeks Briana Bailey, Valor Bible faculty, and Remi Daniel ‘21 will delve into the practical applications of who God is.

Watch Mr. Engulu’s full chapel talk here > 

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