A Biblical Discussion of Election Season

Many of us have already cast our ballots as we approach election day this Tuesday, November 3. On the eve of one of the most unusual and tumultuous election seasons, Sarah Edson’s Dual Credit Government class is framing an empathetic dialogue among students that focuses the conversation as a body of believers first and Americans second.

“In my DC classes, the approach has been to try to look at issues first through a biblical lens instead of a partisan lens,” says Mrs. Edson, who is teaching Civil Rights through a biblical perspective this quarter. “The bottom line is that the Gospel provides a greater eternal perspective.”

It is from this worldview of coming together, with those who may not have our opinions or beliefs, and showing how our relationship with Jesus Christ guides our words and actions that Addy Whipple ‘23 has put her Christian faith into action in Mrs. Edson’s class. “My classmates and I have really delved into what our political views are and how strongly we feel about them,” says Addy. “I have taken away from my Valor experience that we should respect others who may not hold our same opinions because we represent Christ through our speech and actions.

When teaching about political, economic, or social issues, Valor frames the issues with a Biblical Worldview that includes the following values:

  • Loving one’s neighbor and one’s enemy
  • God-given dignity of every person
  • Importance of celebrating that the Kingdom is made up of people of different cultures and color, but never losing sight of our unity in Christ; and
  • Being quick to hear and understand before criticizing

Over the past several weeks, Valor’s history team has engaged students in thoughtful political discussion and critical conversations with a Biblical worldview related to cultural engagement. Valor is very sensitive to the needs of students like Addy and others, encouraging them to think critically with a Biblical perspective when challenged with opposing viewpoints from their own. Mrs. Edson and others teach students to listen compassionately and empathetically regardless of political, economic, or social views with the understanding that above all else we are all brothers and sisters in Christ.

In the future, Addy may want to go into politics as she continues to participate in Valor’s Speech and Debate team and in Mock Trial competitions. “Both of these activities have enabled me to look at government in a new way,” says Addy. “The way Mrs. Edson has guided us to respectfully discuss politics and sharing our views in class is truly inspiring and makes me want to listen before I speak.”

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