Statement to Valor Community 8.27.21

Dear Valor Community,

We consider it an honor and privilege to serve the incredible students, parents and families that have chosen to be part of the Valor Community. We regard our responsibility to provide an excellent educational experience, grounded in a clearly defined and articulated Christian worldview, to be a high calling–one that each of us is challenged to contemplate and routinely examine to ensure our passion continues to align with both the privilege and the calling.

While we released a brief statement to the media last weekend, we have chosen to bring a fuller perspective on all the recent conversations directly to you–the Valor Community. It is you who we are in relationship with and you to whom we have a sacred obligation. We have also chosen to be slow to speak with great intentionality–truly resonating with the encouragement from James 1:19, “My dear brothers and sisters, take note of this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak…”

In recent days, we have heard stories from members of our community that have expressed truly painful experiences. We are grieved by those stories and so grateful to each person who has had the courage to share their personal story. We are committed to finding ways to love and serve our community. 

As a private Christian school, we strive to educate our students and promote their spiritual and emotional growth from a worldview grounded in our understanding of the Bible. Our beliefs include the following:

  • That the Bible is the Word of God and the foundation of our beliefs
  • That all people are children of God and loved unconditionally—regardless of race, religion, sexuality, background or personal beliefs
  • That we are all imperfect and need help from one another and grace from God
  • That our identity is found only in our relationship with Jesus Christ—it is not in our possessions, our accomplishments, our status or our sexuality
  • That we are called to love one another as God has loved us

This is who we are and how we exercise and express our beliefs. Each of our employees plays a vital role in furthering our mission as a Christian community—representing Valor and guiding the spiritual development of our students. As such, each employee affirms their understanding of, commitment to, and alignment with our beliefs, values and standards. 

We recognize and appreciate that many people hold beliefs directly contrary to ours, including our belief that God has created sexual intimacy specifically to be expressed within the marriage of a man and a woman. Our convictions call us to handle these disagreements constructively with mutual respect.

Unfortunately, we have heard many passionate statements that have very little truth regarding actual events or our beliefs, and that misrepresent our Valor staff, culture and heart. While we understand that matters pertaining to sexuality evoke deeply personal and complex emotions, we are nevertheless disappointed and saddened by the vitriol, and the lack of rigor and respect reflected in these false statements.

We are particularly disappointed by false statements disparaging the beliefs and actions of our staff; they did not say what has been quoted and reported publicly. We stand firmly by their actions that are aligned with our mission and beliefs. Contrary to what has been shared publicly by two former employees, the spirit and intent of their meetings were to seek understanding and clarity regarding the representations they made to us.

Valor is committed to walking in love alongside our community members even when there are differences. We believe we can hold differing viewpoints than others and still love them.
We appreciate the many expressions of support and encouragement we have received from those within our community, and from across our state and our nation. May God bless our Valor community. 

Committed to Him,

Dr. Gary Fisher, Head of School