What’s going on in Tech Theatre?

The Technical Theater class works behind the scenes and as a result, doesn’t receive much recognition. Students work on a variety of high stress projects that never cease to amaze their audiences. Initially, the class learned the safety and techniques required to work in Stagecraft and studied professional techniques of building and painting sets. In the winter and springtime, students helped build and paint some set pieces for A Christmas Carol and Mary Poppins, including The Project’s very own tardis in the Valor Center upper lobby, “The Box”.

Currently, the class is finishing up the flats they designed for the short productions they wrote themselves. One includes a groovy jukebox set for a live performance of “Dancing Queen” by ABBA.

The best thing about the Tech Theater class is the atmosphere, according to students. The class members are amiable and full of energy, and welcoming to the curious who pop in to see what the group is doing that day. The students come from different social circles to create a melting pot of creativity, intellectual ability, and athleticism. There’s something for everyone in the Tech Theater class from creative and technical opportunities to a second family of fellow students and instructors alike.


Written By: Abby Hale, The Project team