Student leadership at Valor goes beyond typical student-council models to provide students with meaningful opportunities for leadership mentoring and experience.

Our program pairs student leaders with faculty and staff in their area of expertise — from admissions and enrollment, marketing to business operations, curriculum development, sports marketing and more.

All participants are encouraged throughout the program to develop in five core areas: character, courage, influence, discipline and service.

Student vice presidents in ten core areas like admissions, student culture, spiritual development, and more are selected by a panel composed of school administrators, peers, and teachers. Criteria for selection are based upon feedback from teachers, past community engagement, and a resume that is presented to the panel in advance.

One elected position exists within our student leadership structure. The Student Body President is selected by the students.

We believe this structure enhances our student engagement and interaction by encouraging students to work beyond the typical high school events and becoming involved in areas that impact the daily lives of the Valor community as a whole.

Students are still responsible for planning, marketing and executing spirit days, school dances, school assemblies, and donation drives throughout the year. They are challenged to collaborate as they bring fresh ideas to annual traditions every year.

For more information, contact the Student Leadership Coordinator Ashley Loaiza.