Adolescence is a crucial period for developing healthy social and emotional habits. Many students are already investing in friendships, spending time with trusted adults and prioritizing exercise, sleep and a healthy diet — behaviors we know bode well for their future.

At the same time, anxiety, depression and addiction are crippling teens at accelerated rates. Disordered eating, self-harm, acts of violence against others and suicide are but a few of the symptoms of the complex problems that leave young people vulnerable and despairing.

As a community of committed Christians, our students’ mental, emotional and physical health is of the utmost importance to us.

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Coronavirus (COVID-19)

As more and more cases of Coronavirus (COVID-19) are being reported both nationally and internationally, Valor Christian High School continues to work with local health organizations to closely monitor the global outbreak and prepare internally to be ready for all circumstances.

Student Well-Being

While we take safety and security seriously, we know that our school culture can also help keep students safe. At Valor, we prioritize relationships and connection for every student. Our heartfelt goal is that every student at Valor will be known, loved and valued for who they are.

Relational Connections

We emphasize mentoring relationships, life groups, and other community-building opportunities that reflect the active intention of our faculty and staff to know students individually. We want to journey together with students through the ups and downs of their high school experience. Our deep desire is to listen and respond with love and show them the hope we have in Christ.

Social-Emotional Services

We invest in a holistic model of social-emotional services for students, along with providing events and resources for you as a parent. These efforts strengthen our core and well-being as a community. They also heighten awareness throughout our school community, so we’re more apt to notice and respond to struggling students. Through direct interaction or referral, we help meet student needs with thoughtful care.

Principles of Conduct

The three core principles for student conduct at Valor — respect people, respect property, and preserve the learning environment — do more than equip students for life. They also provide a guideline that lets us see when a student may be getting off course. Then we know it’s time to seek insight into any underlying concerns and identify appropriate support for a course-correction.

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Safety and Security

We strive to create a safe environment in which every student can learn and thrive. Toward that end, we have a committee that meets regularly to review best practices and current concerns and implement responses to any emergencies.

Facilities Security

All entrances to buildings on campus are locked and accessible only by Valor-issued IDs. During school hours, guests must request entrance at the front doors of either the main Academic Building or the Valor Center; guests are buzzed in, and their IDs are screened through our Raptor system to detect any known police intelligence or Valor protocol regarding the visitor. We also maintain professional, armed security patrol after hours, on weekends and any time we need additional reinforcement.

School Resource Officer

We partner with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to participate in the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. This program was put into place to positively impact student relationships with law enforcement. Please greet Deputy Dan Coyle, our Valor SRO, when on campus, and know you have a Douglas County resource available for your questions.

Emergency Alerts

We have partnered with RAVE Mobile Safety to enhance our current emergency alert system. RAVE Mobile Safety is capable of delivering messages to your email addresses, as well as your landline and cell phone.

Emergency Plan

We have a comprehensive Emergency Operations Plan that outlines assignments, organizational structure, and key responsibilities in the event of an emergency. This plan is based on the National Incident Management System and Incident Command principles as required by federal mandate. It is modeled after best practices at the local, regional and national level. It is thoroughly vetted by industry professionals and updated regularly with new learning and insights.

Crisis Response

We adhere to the Standard Response Protocol endorsed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and developed by the “I Love U Guys Foundation.” This protocol establishes a standard set of four action-based responses to any number of school emergencies: lockout, lockdown, shelter in place, and evacuate.

In addition, we adhere to the Standard Reunification Method endorsed by the same two agencies. This method informs how we would implement a “controlled release” of students. It helps direct parents, students and staff during a potentially chaotic event, with the goal of returning all students safely to their parents.