We prioritize what we call “doing life together.” Learning, growing, supporting each other, praying for each other — these are threads that connect one day to the next and ensure no one in our community gets left behind.

Valor Studenty Community

Clubs & Affinity Groups

More than 30 clubs and affinity groups provide students with opportunities to share interests, hone existing abilities, and build new skills with like-minded friends. With the support of a faculty advisor, all our groups are student-led, so offerings are fluid each year to reflect what students want. Clubs cover a myriad of interests, including music, theater, STEM, service, business, recreational sports, cuisine, travel and more.

Fun, On & Off Campus

Throughout the year, Valor students experience a steady dose of on-campus and after-hours fun. They pile in the gym every week for community time, dress up for spirit days, celebrate special events with lunch activities, compete in Powder Puff football, attend bonfires, and hold donation drives for local non-profits. Both the Winter Dance and Junior/Senior Prom are student favorites to make memories that will last a lifetime.
Valor High School Softball Players

Sports & Spirit

Seventy-five percent of our students participate in at least one of our 24 cut and non-cut sports teams. And our teams don’t just play together. They practice together in pre-season, pray together in weekly bible study, and often serve together on Discovery trips. And, all students have a part in sporting events as Valor boasts one of the strongest student-cheering sections in the state. The Blue Crew attends all home games, supporting our student athletes and providing a great “home court advantage”.

Especially for Parents

Valor isn’t just for students! Our parent community is a vibrant group that enjoys learning, serving, and celebrating together. From Bible studies to hiking and skiing groups, enrichment seminars, fundraising activities, sporting events and professional networking events, Valor parents support one another through their student’s high school years. We are better together!