School Life

Families come to Valor for many reasons. For some, it’s our faculty, who love to teach and come alongside students with friendship, encouragement, support and prayer.

For others, it’s our facilities, which are unparalleled among Denver high schools for enabling education in the arts, athletics and STEM disciplines. For others still, it’s our service programs that challenge students to joyfully and humbly serve the poor and marginalized at home and abroad.

Families stay because they realize Valor is unique in providing a truly excellent academic education grounded in the Christian faith and supported by a robust community of educators, administrators, coaches, mentors and peers.

Here, intellectual rigor and deep faith are not at odds. Both require the very best we can give — in the classroom, on the pitch, beneath the stage lights, in the shadows of serving others.

Some of the best learning occurs in moments outside of the classroom. Schedule flexibility, extended lunches, and off periods throughout the day allow for conversations with a prayer partner in the lunchroom, free time to make music in the Arts Building, or a scramble up the rock wall with the Rock Climbing club.
In all things students are encouraged to explore and create their own spaces – ones that fit their interests and allow them to stretch outside their comfort zones.
Through it all, students are never alone. Their physical, mental, and emotional safety is of the utmost importance to us so that they can try, achieve, and even fail with the support of qualified teachers, coaches, and certified counseling and mental health professionals.
Valor Students Hanging Out
Student Seating Area

Parents, you have a place here too.

Join a moms or dads Bible study, sign up for a hiking outing or ski trip, volunteer for special events, or attend a seminar just for parents on topics like mental health and teen substance use. Just as your student finds their place at Valor, you are invited to find yours.
Student Testimonial - Kyler Hershman
This is where lifelong memories and friends are made. My best moments of high school have been with my family in the theatre community. It has taught me to value the people in my life and never take their friendship for granted.

Valor Graduate