Photography II trip included sand dunes, history and nature

Being surrounded by all the beauty that is Colorado, it can be hard to realize how much more beauty there is in the surrounding states. So what better way to take advantage of that beauty than to experience it first hand!

Photography II students took an exciting  trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico last month. On their way down, they visited The Great Sand Dunes National Park which provided an excellent opportunity for experimenting with dramatic lighting and a unique landscape.  They also stopped at Bishop Castle, known for its fascinating architecture among many beautiful views of the mountains.

The students stayed in Taos, NM and traveled all around the area. One highlight of the trip was going to an immersive art experience called Meow Wolf that has about 500 artists who have contributed.  This experience was full of surprises and it featured a fridge that is a secret passageway. They were also able to have some time exploring Santa Fe and went to Loretto Chapel, home of a mysterious spiral staircase. The last stop they made was the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge. This bridge is about 600 feet above the river and works as a fantastic lookout point.  Overall, it was a great experience for students to expand in their landscape photography and have a very memorable time doing it.

Written by: Ben Beyers