Our commitment to safe in-person learning is our top priority.

Here we address some of the common questions the Valor community has been asking. We cover topics like face coverings, classroom experience, updated class schedules and our rules regarding public gathering spaces.

FAQs  — Parents & Students

2020-2021 School Year

What schedule will Valor use?

Our priority is in-person learning and to follow our traditional schedule. However, our plans may be altered if we need to observe a state mandated order by the Governor. We have the following schedules:

Will Valor offer a discount on tuition if the school moves to a reduced capacity or remote schedule?

We do not intend to offer a discount on tuition should we be required to transition to a different schedule. Expenses related to our operations, faculty and staff are fixed at the beginning of the school year and we are reliant on contracted tuition revenue for the entire year.

Will Valor reduce tuition if we elect to have our student attend remotely until we feel safer about coming back to campus?

As previously stated, Valor will not be offering a discounted tuition for remote learning for the same reasons as note above.  

Health Screenings, Hygiene and Wellness

Will students be required to do daily health checks?

Enrolled students will conduct their health screening and verifications at home each day before coming to school.

Will parent volunteers still be allowed on campus this year?

Parent volunteers remain an important part of our school culture. They will be asked to go through a new health screening process on our Raptor system.

What services are available for students who may be experiencing anxiety or depression as a result of the current pandemic environment?

We are enhancing and building out our resources for Mental Health.  Valor has added a social-emotional services interventionist. This position will allow us to broaden our support for students. Additionally, “The WELL” is available as a place for students to come to rest and be refreshed.

Who should I call if my student needs support?

If your student is having social, emotional, or mental health struggles; students and parents are encouraged to contact the Social Emotional Services Coordinator Lindsey Ervin at 303-471-3261. The deans department is also available to assist.

Does Valor have touchless hardware in the bathrooms?

Restrooms are equipped with hands-free sinks in most locations.

Will there be signage reminding students to practice good hygiene?

Signs will be placed throughout heavily trafficked areas and entryways with COVID-19 Health and Safety Best Practice reminders. In addition, signs will be placed outside the dining areas to encourage hand washing prior to eating.

Distance, Movement and Congestion

With the changing local and state mandates, how will we know what to do?

Signage will be placed throughout heavily trafficked areas and entry ways with the most updated information on COVID-19 Health and Safety Best Practice reminders.

What will be expected of students during passing periods and other gathering locations?

We are asking our community to physically distance during passing periods and in additional spaces where groups are together. We have extended passing periods between classes to help facilitate physical distancing during these periods of transition and have added an additional lunch period to the schedule (see traditional schedule) to accommodate spacing.

Will the classroom accommodate physical distancing?

We have removed unnecessary furniture and rearranged desks to accommodate physical distancing. 

Will lunch continue to be served each day in the Commons, Bistro & Café?

We will be offering a limited menu to start the year, but all three serving venues will be open. Self-service options will be replaced with prepackaged ones and the beverage stations will not be operational when school opens.

How will the eating area accommodate spacing?

We are encouraging use of outdoor areas, weather permitting, as much as possible in order to physically distance.  Indoor space has been reworked to accommodate physical distancing.

 Do students have to keep their masks on in the dining areas?

At this point, masks must be worn at all times other than when eating.

How is FLIK delivering their food service?

FLIK employees will be operating under very strict guidelines from their parent company, Compass Group, with the utmost focus on health and safety.

Will the drinking fountains still be operational in the buildings?

Drinking fountains are being replaced with bottle fillers. Please remember to bring your water bottle each day.

Where do I bring my student in the morning or pick up in the afternoon?

School drop off and pick up will be in the circle drive in front of Valor. We encourage parents to drop students well in advance of the start of school to minimize congestion and provide for efficient operations.

What if I need to bring my child late to school or get them out early?

If a parent/guardian needs to pick up their student early, they are asked to call the school at 303-471-3000 to excuse their student. The front desk will notify your student to meet you in the front circle. To minimize exposure, please wait for your student in your vehicle.

When should my student come to school if they don’t have a first-period?

Students are not required to be on campus at the beginning or end of the day when they have a designated Personal Responsibility Time. A student is encouraged to arrive on campus immediately prior to their first scheduled class and if they don’t have a co-curricular at the end of the day to please leave campus immediately.

What should students bring to school?

We recommend that students bring a backpack for books and supplies, a laptop or learning device, a cloth mask/face covering, and any additional personal cleaning wipes or hand sanitizers. A water bottle is also a must since drinking fountains have been replaced with bottle fillers.

How long can my student stay on campus?

Unless they are involved in tutoring, studying or co-curricular activities, students without a required class in the last period will be asked to please exit the campus grounds in order to limit groups of students and not congregate in public spaces.

Protecting Students and Adults

Will teachers or staff wear PPE?

As a result of the July 17 statewide order issued, masks are required to be worn in a public indoor space. We will be requiring masks as long as we have such a mandate in place. If/when that is lifted, we will likely continue to ask for masks while we are in ingress and egress to the building and moving about.

Will students be required to wear masks?

The order for wearing a face mask applies to everyone in the state who is age 11 and older whenever they’re anywhere in a public indoor space.

Since Valor is private, what is a public indoor space?

The Executive Order defines Public Indoor Space as “any enclosed indoor area that is publicly or privately owned, managed, or operated to which individuals have access by right or by invitation, expressed or implied, and that is accessible to the public, serves as a place of employment, or is an entity providing services.”

Who is exempt from wearing a mask?

CDC guidelines say the following concerning masks: “Masks should NOT be worn by children under the age of 2 or anyone who has trouble breathing, is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the mask without assistance.”  Additionally, the July 17 executive order issued by the Governor exempts “people who are 10 years old and younger and people who cannot medically tolerate a face covering.” The definition of “medically tolerate” reiterates the CDC guidelines which exempt “a person who has trouble breathing or anyone who is unconscious, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to remove the cloth face-covering without assistance.”

I understand the Governor’s order is in place for 30 days, so will we still need to wear masks after that?

If the mandatory mask order is lifted, we will reevaluate our position at that time but it is likely we may continue to require masks for entering and leaving the building, walking the halls or going to lunch.

Will Valor supply masks?

Valor branded masks will be handed out to students upon their Return to School, with additional ones available for purchase in the school store. Students may also wear their own cloth masks but are asked to avoid any embossed messages or inappropriate designs. Valor will have a supply of disposable masks for employees, visitors and students should they need one.

How is Valor keeping the campus clean and safe for students?

Enhanced cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting protocols and procedures have been implemented with our day porter service and evening cleaning crew.

In addition, we have a  contract with Microforce, a specialized company that provides electrostatic surface treatment for antimicrobial protection to all classrooms and high-contact surface areas. Electrostatic sprayers are used regularly to further enhance our protection and treatment of high-contact surface areas around campus.

What supplies are available for students?

Hand sanitizing units are spread throughout Valor buildings in high-touch and high-traffic locations.

How are classrooms being cleaned and sanitized?

Disinfectant kits are stationed in every classroom for use between class periods or as needed during class. In addition, classrooms and offices are cleaned consistently throughout the week.

Does Valor’s ventilation system utilize outdoor air?

Fresh air from the outside is constantly being filtered throughout the buildings with Valor’s high-performance air displacement ventilation system.

In addition, high quality filters are installed in all our high-performance air units and monitored regularly, and filters replaced appropriately to ensure quality and effectiveness.

What additional steps are being taken to purify the air?

Prior to the school year, we expect to install bipolar ionization units in our air handlers. This technology produces ionization molecules which attach to and deactivate harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses; and has already proven effective against SARS and influenza, holding great promise for significantly higher air quality in our buildings.

Limiting Numbers

How are you planning to handle Chapel and Community if we are limited in numbers for large gatherings?

At this time, plans for weekly Chapel include limited live attendance in the auditorium, with live streaming into Life Group gatherings where students and their leaders can watch the Chapel and then engage in conversations. 

Will clubs and activities be offered to students?

Some clubs will offer virtual competitions and other opportunities (i.e. speech and debate) Others will likely continue in-person, due to the nature of the activity (i.e. hands-on projects) and number of participants.

Will students participate in missions activities this year?

Discovery is planning meaningful and substantial service experiences for 2020-2021, with the focus for groups and teams to serve primarily locally and domestically through the spring.

International experiences are scheduled for Summer 2021, depending on the state of safety in travel and control of the pandemic in places we travel throughout the world.

Will juniors and seniors still be allowed to go off campus during the school day?

To better control our environment and limit external exposure, only juniors and seniors are allowed off campus during the school day.

Will the school store be open?

The school store will continue to operate according to its normal schedule but online purchases are strongly encouraged. The number of individuals allowed in the store at any given time will be monitored to ensure proper physical distancing takes place.

Planning for Confirmed COVID-19 Case

What is the protocol for handling potential exposure or spread?

We will support Tri-County Health as requested in their contact tracing efforts. A new isolation room has been created to minimize exposure for any student who develops symptoms related to COVID-19 during the school day.

See Valor’s Positive COVID-19 Protocol for more information.

What happens if a student begins to feel ill while at school with COVID-19 symptoms?

A new isolation room has been created to minimize exposure to students who develop symptoms related to COVID-19 during the school day. Students will remain in this room and await the arrival of a parent or exit campus if they have a car and are able to drive themselves home. The sick room on the second floor across from the Deans’ office will be used for all other non-COVID-19 related symptoms.

What measures do you have in place to protect my privacy?

Information regarding a positive status will be kept as confidential as possible. 

What if a student needs to remain home due to isolation, quarantine, or out of concern for health and safety when living with vulnerable family members?

Additional technology has been installed throughout classrooms to facilitate a better online experience if a student needs to quarantine at home for an extended period. If students may require extended remote learning classes, we encourage you to contact Sheila Beckie at 303-471-3113.

Transmission, Mitigation and Prevention

What will happen if the state-mandated reopening phase changes?

If there is a mandate to further reduce density, we are able to adjust class size 12 -13 students in a classroom, with classes meeting three times per week, with the fourth “period” being supplemented through the use of asynchronous instructional material.

What about transmission rates among those under 18-year-olds?

“Children appear to be at lower risk for contracting COVID-19 compared to adults. While some children have been sick with COVID-19, adults make up nearly 95% of reported COVID-19 cases. Early reports suggest children are less likely to get COVID-19 than adults, and when they do get COVID-19, they generally have a less serious illness. As of July 21, 2020, 6.6% of reported COVID-19 cases and less than 0.1% of COVID-19-related deaths are among children and adolescents less than 18 years of age in the United States.” 

CDC Preparing K-12 School Administrators for a Safe Return to School Fall 2020

Remote Learning

What if my student wants to stay home one day?

Valor’s structure of remote learning is not designed for one or two day absences. If students need remote learning, please be sure to contact Remote Learning Coordinator, Amy Russo.

When should my student use the Remote Learning option?

Remote learning has been designed to meet the needs of students who need to stay at home for an extended period of time. We will utilize remote learning for any required quarantine scenarios or extended absences.

How will homework be turned in?

Students will be expected to submit assignments through Schoology and coordinate work directly with teachers.

How will assessments be managed remotely?
In collaboration with parents, students, and teachers; Valor is committed to ensuring minimal disruption to student learning for students who need to move to remote learning temporarily or for an extended period of time. Therefore, in the event that Valor remains in-person, but an individual student needs to move to remote learning, we will address assessments for that student on a case-by-case and subject-by-subject basis. In some cases, parents will be asked to help monitor assessment and ensure academic integrity.

In the event that Valor needs to move all students to remote instruction for an extended period of time; we are committed to accurate assessments of student learning in the online environment, emphasizing open resources, alternative, formative, and project-based demonstration of student learning.

Will attendance be taken for remote participation?

Students who are learning remotely are encouraged to log in and view the live streamed class to keep pace with their classmates. Attendance will be marked as “Remote”. In some cases, it may be best for students to view/access course content outside of the scheduled class time. If you know that your student will be unable to attend class remotely, you will still need to alert the Front Desk of an Excused Absence. If students do not log into Zoom and the teacher is expecting the student to view the class, then the teacher will mark the student with an “Unexcused Absence”. 

Students are responsible for staying on top of coursework and completing assignments in a timely manner. Students and parents should work directly with teachers to establish manageable due dates and timelines. It is the hope and the intention that as much as possible, students and teachers adhere to the established late policy for accurate grade reporting.

Will students be able to move fluidly between remote and in-person learning?
Valor’s investment in technology for online and remote learning is intentional to allow for differing levels of flexibility. We are committed to allowing families to make choices for their students based on their levels of comfort with in-person learning, risks of exposure, and necessity to quarantine. As much as we are able, we will work with families to be as flexible as possible , but please recognize there may be situations where some accommodations cannot be made.

Will final exams be optional for remote learners?
We are committed to ensuring students are learning critical course content and final exams are an important part of our assessment process. The current Valor policy is that final exams are optional for Juniors and Seniors if their grades are above 93%. Effective for this fall semester, Valor announced it would offer any student receiving a 90% or higher in a class to be exempt from the final for that class. We will maintain this approach and we do plan for remote learners to participate in final exams. See Valor’s Nov. 29 Update for more information.

Are all Valor classes available to remote students?
Some classes are not conducive for remote learning. This is especially true of unique electives that require hands-on resources and learning experiences. Additionally, some AP classes may be difficult for students in a remote format. Students and parents should work directly with their Academic and College Counselor to determine the best course load and to ensure that students are staying on track to meet Valor’s graduation requirements. Valor’s structure of remote learning is not designed for one or two day absences. If students need remote learning, please be sure to contact Remote Learning Coordinator, Amy Russo. 

How do I access classes remotely via Zoom?

Students should be sure they are logged into their govalor.com gmail account and have downloaded Zoom on their device in order to access Zoom classrooms directly. If students find themselves in the waiting room they MUST use the “SSO” login function. Here is the link for proper Zoom access: Zoom Instructions for Students

If students have difficulty accessing classes or need technical support, they should email helpdesk@valorchristian.com.

If your question still has not been addressed, please feel free to reach out to us at info@valorchristian.com.