Renewed Hope: Songwriter’s Showcase

When Valor Christian was founded in 2007, a foundation was built to pave

the way not only for incredible academic opportunities, but also to build

new traditions that would become ingrained within Valor’s culture forever.

One of these traditions that has become immensely popular with students

and parents alike is the Valor Arts Hope Renewed Event–an event hosted

by performing and visual student artists where people can admire art from

graphic design students, listen to the musical talents of the

singers/songwriters, and enjoy coffee and appetizers while socializing with

the Valor Arts Community. No better way to surround yourself in the Valor

Arts culture than on a night like this!

I had the opportunity to sit down with Marty Magehee, music teacher at

Valor, who also has more than 25 years of experience in the music

industry. He has released dozens of songs and was part of the Christian

contemporary band, 4Him, for many years.

He also is the host of the Hope Renewed Event. “[The songwriters] are all

hard workers. What Hope Renewed means to me is having that spark turn

into the flame and go from not just 6 incredibly inspired souls, but to now

over 50, and 60 performances over 2 nights showcasing their hard work

and what they’ve created,” said Magehee.

To Mr. Magehee and many performers, Hope Renewed isn’t just about

performing in front of people. It’s about coming together as a community to

build a tighter bond between artists in an environment where everyone gets

to display their hard work. It’s less about worrying about criticism from

others, and more about enjoying each others’ company in a friendly setting

everyone can enjoy. It’s about growing this tradition of artists coming

together to show God and the world their talents.


Video and Article produced by project student Jake Smith