Veritas PUSH Review


Veritas Dance Company blew audiences away during their Friday and Saturday performances of PUSH held in the Valor Center.  Accompanied by Valor Symphonics and soloists Elly Shane, Mary Claytor, Pristine Floyd, Lindsey Hutcheon and Aly Estes, the show was both compelling and inspiring to all in attendance.  As the audience was led along the journey of three main characters: the bully, the victim, and the bystander, they were able to witness how even in the midst of trials, there is always hope and healing for those who trust in the Lord.  Valor alumni parent, Kristy Armstrong said “PUSH was a truthful representation of the teenage culture of high school females.  It was eye opening for parents but had the power to be transformative for teenagers. I wish every Valor student would have seen the show.”

After the show, there were break-out sessions and panel discussions by counselors and partitioners who are experienced in helping teens and adults cope with negative peer influence and help them to be overcomers.  High School Counselor Sandy Austin, founder of BIONIC (Believe it or Not I Care), was a special guest and speaker.  “In all my years of dealing with this tough subject, I’ve never seen anything so poignant, well thought-out and hopeful as what I witnessed this weekend,” said Sandy.  “I wish Valor could take this show on the road!  It would touch so many and do so much good.  I will always be grateful to Valor and what you all are doing here,”  she added.

Thank you to Veritas Dance Company, Valor Symphonics, the backstage crew, the amazing silk pullers, Veritas parent volunteers and the Valor Arts + Media team for making this show a huge success!