Student Printing

To help improve student access to resources, Valor has now released the ability for students to print from their own devices. During library hours, students can print to the library printer using their own computers or other wireless devices. It is a simple process, and you’ll be printing on your computer in no time! Follow the links below to get started.

Additionally, to help improve student accountability with printing, students are now issued a $50 credit per semester for printing. Color pages cost $0.10 and grey-scale pages cost $0.01. This equals either 500 pages of color, 5000 grey-scale prints, or some combination of both

Valor Academics

Printer Setup

The process of adding the printer to your device is simple.
Use the link below to get started and follow the instructions to add the printer to your device.

When prompted for a login, use your Valor email address and password.

Note: You must be on VALORWIRELESS in order to set up your printer.

Printing Information

In addition to your printer setup, you can view details about your account usage online. You can check your remaining balance, total pages printed, previous jobs, and more. You can even submit a file to print online without the need to add the printer to your computer.

Note: You must be on VALORWIRELESS to access this link.