People of Valor: Anthony Wanjiru

Valor’s Anthony Wanjiru was born in the slums of Nairobi Kenya—the youngest of six.  “I was raised by a single parent, in the worst parts of Kenya. Most of my friends died young from malnourishment, malaria, drugs or violence,” he says.  Anthony escaped his circumstance through Compassion International.

Through his Compassion sponsorship, Anthony was the first in his family to graduate elementary school and high school. “There was no money for pencils, uniforms, or even the $5 tuition cost,” he says.  But, through Compassion and his local church Anthony was provided an alternative path for his education. “The church saved my life. It gave me new friends, and a purpose for my life,” he says.  That drive and purpose led Anthony on an incredible faith driven adventure seeking out his higher education.

After graduating University in Kenya, Anthony worked for Kenya’s Parliament, Bank of Kenya, Compassion International and Denver Rescue Mission.  “I worked with the refugees and homeless of Denver before coming to Valor Christian,” he says.  Anthony said he learned patience when trying to find his way, and the knowledge that God’s timing was perfect.  “I made it. I wasn’t another statistic in Kenya.  I am so thankful that Compassion International, and my pastors took an interest in me at an early age. Without them, I wouldn’t be here.”