STEM Enrollment Form

Applied S.T.E.M. Enrollment Form

  • Student Information

  • Parent Information

  • This email address will be used for STEM-related communications.
  • Please describe any STEM careers, industry involvement, expertise, connections, and/or resources that parents or other family members may be willing to share.
  • Additional Student Questions

  • Please list any STEM-related clubs in which you have been involved during high school at Valor or elsewhere. Indicate the number of semesters you were involved and any leadership role you had, along with length of time you were in leadership.
  • Please list all STEM-related competitions you have participated in during high school, and the number of times you have competed in each.
  • Please list all STEM-related Discovery or service activities you completed during high school at Valor or elsewhere, and the number of hours you served in each. You may include any hours you served as a math or science peer tutor at Valor (as verified by the Academic Development Department).
  • Please list all STEM-related internships or research opportunities you have completed during high school at Valor or elsewhere, and the number of hours you worked in each.
  • What types of future STEM internship opportunities would interest you?
  • Describe a STEM-related Capstone Project you would like to do before graduating. This could be a research project, design project, reflective portfolio, publication in a journal, creation of an extensive service project, etc. Please note that you can change or further develop your project idea after you have had discussions with a STEM mentor who will assist you.
  • As you go through the Applied STEM program, what teacher, industry leader, or club leader you would hope to have as a mentor?

    The Applied STEM program requires an intentional focus to fulfill the requirements of a major or minor for graduation, in partnership with the student and his/her parent(s).

    Please sign below to acknowledge that you are willing to partner with the Valor as you work toward this goal.


    If you are entering 9th grade, the Applied STEM program team may request your transcripts from the Admissions Office and review them as part of the application process.

    Currently enrolled Valor students must have a minimum GPA of 2.5 in order to be considered for involvement in the Applied STEM program and must maintain this GPA during participation in the program. Assessment of academic progress is made in conjunction with the Student-Conservatory Faculty Review held at the end of each semester.