Safety & Security

As a school, it is our responsibility to create a safe environment in which every student can learn and thrive. Toward that end, we continually review our security and crisis-management policies and procedures, and we stay current with statistics and thoughtful, informed advice.

Our policy and procedure documents are for internal use only and are not distributed to parents. Parents are invited to contact Tige Watson, the Director of Safety and Security, at 303-471-3039 at any time for additional information about our safety and security protocols.

School Resource Officer

We partner with the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office to participate in the School Resource Officer (SRO) program. This program was put into place to positively impact student relationships with law enforcement.

Please greet Deputy Dan Coyle, our Valor SRO, when on campus and know you have a Douglas County resource available for your questions.

Emergency Alerts

We have partnered with RAVE Mobile Safety to enhance our current emergency alert system. RAVE Mobile Safety is capable of delivering messages to your email addresses, as well as your landline and cell phone. This system will provide alerts to you in the event of a snow day, early dismissal, lockdown, or other emergency alert.

We have enrolled you in the program at no additional expense to you.  RAVE is continuously synchronized with our school database, and is capable of alerting parents, students, faculty, and staff.  If you or your student is not receiving alerts, please contact the registrar to ensure that all contact information is up to date.

Emergency Plan

Our Emergency Response Plan is based on the Model Safe School Plan, Emergency Procedures, a template for emergency response developed in Los Angeles County and applicable to a wide variety of emergency situations. The Valor Emergency Operations Plan/Comprehensive School Safety Plan is an internal document that is not available to the public.

Standard Response Protocol

Further, we adhere to the Standard Response Protocol endorsed by the Douglas County Sheriff’s Department and developed by the “I Love U Guys Foundation.” This protocol establishes a standard set of four action-based responses to any number of school emergencies: lockout, lockdown, shelter, and evacuate.

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Standard Reunification Process

Due to any number of events, it may become necessary for us to implement a “controlled release” of students. Examples may include severe weather, fire, or other potential crisis.

The process of a controlled release is formalized into a protocol referred to as the Standard Reunification Method. This protocol helps direct parents, students and staff during a potentially chaotic event, with the goal of returning all students safely to their parents.

Text Alert Definitions

We use a variety of alerts in our RAVE system to keep you informed of important developments on campus.

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